Principal's Page

================= SEPTEMBER 2017 ======================

Dear Parents,


Welcome!  The staff of the Mildred H. Aitken School welcomes you and your child to the 2017-18 school year!  We are all very eager and definitely ready to launch into another exciting year at Aitken School.


Aitken Website

Please check out our website including our calendar of events and mark us as a favorite!  Many teachers also have pages on the website.


Aitken PTO

The Aitken Parent Teacher Organization is an integral part of the success of Aitken School.  There are monthly meetings and numerous opportunities throughout the year to become involved in your child’s school.  The PTO is not a club and there are no fees.  It is simply a great organization where you will learn more about our school’s programs and help support your child’s school as well.  The first meeting is on September 7 and it will begin promptly at 6:30 PM and end at 7:30 PM. Child care by the Seekonk High School Key Club is available in the gym.  Hope to see you there!


Aitken School Council

The Aitken School Council assists the principal in 1) adopting educational goals for the school, 2) reviewing the annual school building budget, 3) formulating a School Improvement Plan and 4) doing tasks which the Seekonk School Committee may determine.  Council members are elected to 2-year terms and the meetings are open to the public.  Currently there are currently two openings with the incumbents willing to run for reelection if there are no other nominees.  The Aitken School Council will meet at 3:15 PM on Tuesdays, Oct.3, 2017, Nov. 14, 2017, Jan. 9, 2018, Mar. 6, 2018 and May 8, 2018. 


An election will be held at the first PTO meeting, September 7 at 6:30 PM.  If you are interested in being on the ballot, please let me know by September 6.  There may also be write-ins at the PTO meeting on September 7 when the election will be held.  Interested candidates are encouraged to attend this meeting.


Student Arrival & Dismissal Information

Students should arrive at school between 8:45-9:00 A.M.  There is no supervision before 8:45 when students are allowed to enter the school. Please be mindful of other drivers and children during student drop-off and pick-up.  If you are parking in the lot by the round library, you need to either pull into a parking space or pull against the curb in the parking lot by the basketball court.  Students in grades preK-3 should enter through the left rear door of the school by the basketball courts and students in grades 4-5 should enter through the right rear door entrance by Rye Street. 


Dismissal is at 3:05 PM. Students are dismissed out of the same doors at the end of the day.  As in the morning, there is no supervision of the playground after 3:05 PM and therefore, walkers must go home at the close of school.


School Breakfast, Lunch & Milk

The price of school breakfast and lunch remain the same this year.  The cost for breakfast, which is served daily 8:45-9:00, is $1.25 (reduced cost for qualified families $.30) The lunch cost is $2.75 (reduced cost $.40) which includes milk.  Milk purchased separately is $.50 (there is no reduced cost for milk.) 


Our doors are always open to you.  Please don’t hesitate to speak with your child’s teacher or me if you have any questions or concerns (508-336-5230). We look forward to a great year!


Yours truly,

Nancy Gagliardi



Aitken Rockets      Reach for the stars!


Aug. 30      First day grades 1-5

Sept. 1      Kindergarten Orientation & Open House 11:30-1:00

                  Pre-school Open House 9:30 & 1:00

Sept. 4      Labor Day – no school

Sept. 5      First day of Kindergarten & Pre-school

Sept. 6      Open House for Parents AND Students in Gr. 1-5 – 6:30 P.M.

Sept. 7      Aitken PTO meeting – 6:30-7:30 – child care available

                  Aitken School Council election at PTO meeting

======================  JUNE ==========================

Dear Parents,


June, as always, is a month filled with learning, culminating activities and many extras!  This newsletter as well as your child’s classroom newsletter will provide you with all of the details.


Thank you!

The entire Aitken staff truly is thankful for everything that the parents and students did to show their appreciation during Aitken Staff Appreciation Week.  Thank you for pampering us and treating us so royally!


Another big thank you!

Thank you to the Aitken PTO for another outstanding year of support for the students, staff and school.  We truly appreciate all you have done throughout the year!


A final note of extreme thanks is extended to the PTO officers Shannyn Nelson, our co-presidents; Tracy Barboza and Kristine Cook, our co-vice presidents; Aaron Shields, our treasurer; Danielle Mahoney, our recording secretary; and Meaghan Mahoney, our corresponding secretary. Their commitment and dedication to the students, staff and Aitken community has been outstanding and has truly been appreciated!  Thank you!


Next year, we all look forward to having new many new faces involved in strengthening our parent partnership initiatives for our students.  Please let me know if you would like to help in some way – it takes a village.  J


Dress Requirements

The hot weather is here, please review the dress code with your child that is contained in the handbook.  The specific article that should be discussed is:

“Attire that is not acceptable is articles of clothing such as tank tops, halter tops, pants worn below the waist, etc. which are revealing in nature.  Any student in violation may be sent home until more appropriately attired.” 


Field Days

Field Day for preschool and kindergarten is on June 2 with a rain date of June 5.  Field Day for grades 1-5 is scheduled for June 6 with a rain date of June 7.  The students are looking forward to an exciting, sports-filled days!


Preschool Promotion, Kindergarten Graduation and the Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremonies

How quickly they grow!!!

Our Fifth Grade Promotion Ceremony will be held on Friday, June 9 at 9:30 and students will be receiving class tee shirts on Thursday, June 8, to wear for the ceremony.

Our Kindergarten Graduation Ceremonies will be held on Tuesday, June 13 at 10:00 & 1:30.

Our Preschool Promotion Ceremony will also be held on Wednesday, June 7 at 1:45 PM.


New Kindergarten Parent Orientation

On Monday, June 12 there will be an orientation program for parents of students entering kindergarten in September.  It will begin at 6 PM promptly and will be held in the Aitken gym. Please let your friends and neighbors know about this date if they haven’t already registered their children for kindergarten.


Accelerated Reader

On Monday, June 12 – there will be an awards ceremony at 1:00 PM for students in grades 1-4.  Awards will be given for students receiving Accelerated Reader trophies.  Parents are invited to attend this brief assembly if they wish. 

Throughout the summer, students that are currently in grades 1-5 may take AR tests at the Seekonk Public Library!


Move Up Day

Students in grades K-4 will move-up on Monday, June 16, and have an opportunity to meet their next year’s teachers and classmates.  It is a very exciting and fun event enjoyed by everyone!


Dates to remember:

Last day of school – June 16 and it’s an early release day!  Students will be dismissed at 12:45 and there is no afternoon preschool or kindergarten. Report cards will be issued at the end of the day.

First day of school for grades 1-5 – Wednesday, August 30, 2017 

Kindergarten Orientation/Open House at 11:30-1:00 – Friday, September 1, 2017

Pre-school Orientation/Open House at 9:30 & 1:30 – Friday, September 1, 2017

First day of school for kindergarten and preschool – Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Open House for grades 1-5 students & parents – Thursday, September 6, 2017 – 6:30 PM


Summer Learning Activities

Your child’s teacher and the town librarian have made suggestions for enriching the summer with learning experiences.  Summer is quick, but can be too long if your child does not read and have other opportunities to extend learning.  Try setting some time aside each day to read and do hands-on math and science activities.  Students may continue to practice their math facts using Reflex.  Please visit the Aitken library page if you would like to investigate some other educational sites. Enjoy your summer! 



The Seekonk Public Schools’ school calendar is attached to this newsletter.


Bus Registration

Please be sure to register your child with the transportation office this summer for bus transportation next year.  Forms were already sent home and are also available in the transportation office or on-line at the Seekonk Public Schools’ website. 


Reminder – all dates to be included in the Aitken Elementary School Calendar Handbook are due by Friday, June 8thJ


All of us at Aitken School wish you and your family a fun and safe summer!  Have a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing you in September!  Good luck to the 5th graders as they begin their middle school years!


Yours truly,

Nancy Gagliardi