Principal's Page

==================       MARCH 2018        ========================

Dear Parents,


    Welcome March!  Soon our kindergarten students will be trying to catch a leprechaun!


        Grade 5 Puberty Nights – March 6 & 20

        Fifth grade students received a notice regarding the March parent/child puberty nights.  The boys’ evening is scheduled for March 6 and the girls’ session will be held on March 20.   Both evening presentations will begin at 7 PM in the Aitken cafeteria.  Parents or other designated adult must attend with each 5th grader.  If you did not receive a notice with an attached RSVP or have any questions, please call Laurie Soares, our school nurse.


        Parent/Child Dances - March 9 & 16

         Mark your calendars!

        The Sweetheart Dance Under the Sea for girls and their dads (or other adult) will be held on March 9 at Aitken and the Boys’ Choice Dance for boys and their moms (or other adult) will be Friday, March 16. These nights are always enjoyed by all!


      Kindergarten Plays – March 14 & 15

     Our kindergarten students will soon be the talk of the town!  On Wednesday, March 14, Mrs. Wentworth’s students will wow the audience with the debut of Space Mice. On Thursday, March 15, Mrs. Boudreau’s and Mrs. Mooney’s students will delight everyone with this fun play.  Both performances begin at 6:30 PM.


      Early Release – March 16

      On Friday, March 16, students in kindergarten – grade 5 will be released at 12:45.  A staff professional development afternoon is scheduled on this day. There will be no afternoon preschool.


      Marks close – March 14

      Marks will close for the second trimester on March 14.  Report cards will be sent home with students on March 23. The closing date for grades and the distribution of report cards has been extended due to the no schools days that we have had due to inclement weather.


      March 30 – No School

There will be no school on March 30, Good Friday.


      MCAS tests

      During the months of April and May, all students in grades 3-5 will be taking the MCAS tests on-line this year.  Students in grades 5 will also take the MCAS Science & Technology tests.  To find out more information about either test, you may visit the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Please also feel free to give a call to your child’s teacher or me if you have any questions. 


      MCAS Test Schedule – April 3 - May 16

Grade 3 – April 3 & 4 and May 8 & 9

Grade 4 – April 10 & 11 and May 15 & 16

Grade 5 – April 24 & 25 and May 1, 2, 8 & 9


    School Safety

    Student safety is always in the minds and hearts of Aitken School personnel.   Posted in every classroom is the Seekonk Public Schools Crisis & School Safety Manual and all staff have reviewed and practiced its procedures. 

My Retirement

   As some of you may have already heard, I plan to retire at the end of this June. It was a difficult decision since I truly enjoy each day at Aitken and love my job! However, my husband retired a little over a year ago, so it is time. I will really miss all of the students, staff, and the opportunity to work with parents and the Seekonk community!  The search for a new principal will begin soon and I will keep you informed about the process.


    As always, please feel free to call if you have any questions, concerns or comments.


                                                           Yours truly,

                                             Nancy Gagliardi, Principal

==================    FEBRUARY 2018  =======================

Dear Parents,


     Welcome February and Happy Groundhog Day, February 2nd!  It’s always fun to find out if we are going to have some more snow or if spring is just around the corner.  J


      2nd Trimester Progress Reports

      Parents of students in grades 1-5 received mid-trimester progress reports on January 18th. If you would like to have a conference with your child’s teacher, please call and schedule an appointment (336-5230).


     Aitken Grade 5 Band Concert

     Monday, February 12th, will be the premiere of this year’s Aitken School Band under the direction of our instrumental music teacher, Mr. Paul Anderson!  The concert will be held in the gymnasium and will begin at 7:00 PM.


     Early Release Day – Feb., 16

     On Friday, Feb. 16, students in kindergarten – grade 5 will be released at 12:45.  There will be no afternoon preschool. A staff professional development afternoon is scheduled on this day.


      Winter Vacation – Feb. 19-23

      The February break is almost upon us.  Have a fun-filled week, February 19-23!


      Box Tops!

      Our Box Top contest is during the beginning of February.  The class that brings in the most Box Tops during this period will win an extra recess!


      Student Absences

      Attendance at school is vital to student success.  However, if your child is too ill to attend, please call by 9 AM to report his/her excused absence. If we do not receive a call from a parent or guardian, the absence is registered as an unexcused absence.


      Math Fun!

      Look for fun ways to explore math at home!  Counting money and making change is one of the strongest ways that a parent can reinforce the base 10 number system as well as strengthen computation, number sense and mental math. ATMs and credit/debit have decreased the amount of times that students are exposed to transactions involving coins and counting change. Investigating three-dimensional shapes, measuring and cooking, dividing wholes into fractions, practicing number facts and problem solving without using paper are just a few of the ways you can bring make math fun!  Challenge your child to measure objects/rooms at home using rulers, yard sticks, meter sticks and liquid/dry measuring tools!  At school we are continually seeking to make the math children are learning relevant to their world.  Make math an everyday family event!


       As always, please feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or concerns or suggestions!  We welcome your input!


       Yours truly,

       Nancy Gagliardi