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                                                           MARCH NEWS
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      In Math this month, we will be working with larger numbers . We will be adding and subtracting two and three digit numbers and working with place value and expanded form for two and three digit numbers. We will re visit word problems and at this point I will expect them to show their work using numbers instead of pictures.  We break down our number when adding , into tens and ones or hundreds, tens and ones .  We also break down the number we are subtracting from into tens and ones before subtracting.  We continue to count money, and now should be counting money up to $5.00.   Please continue to have your children practice their math facts and also to counting change at home is very important.

       In reading we are starting a new trade book Amber Brown is not a Crayon  . We will work with vocabulary, character developement, and the beginning , middle and end of the story.  Our next book we will be reading is Cam Jansen and the Snowy Day.  Vocabulary tests continue to be given every Thursday.  A study guide goes home on Monday and children should be studying for their test during the week . These vocabulary words can be challenging so please be sure to look for the study guide on Monday. I have talked to the children and explained different ways they can study for their vocabulary test, one way is to make flash cards.  I have told them that if they would like to they can make flashcards on Monday night and bring them in on Tuesday to receive extra credit on their vocabulary test.  Please note this must be the childrens’ extra work to do and their effort or I will not be able to give them credit.  We are trying to make them responsible and learn study skills.
    We will continue to write creatively for the month of March.  We will write tongue twisters and alliteration and a creative writing piece for March .  We will also continue to enhance our paragraph writing with details and writing good topic sentences and clinchers.  

     Please note that Spelling Packets are started in class on Monday and are due each Friday.  I give the children an opportunity to work on these packets in the classroom formally on most days.  I also ask that they  make good use of their time in completing these packets.  Withen these packets there are many important skills that are covered, independance and responsibility, time management, writing detailed complete sentences with capital letters and proper punctuation, ( EVERYONE should be doing this at this point of second grade ) knowledge of word meaning and dictionary skills.

       In Science we will be covering Matter and weather Instruments . In matter we will focus on the the three states of Matter.  We will focus on four weather instruments in class.  Children will be able to know what these instruments look like and how they are used.

     On March 11, we will be having another “in school” field trip with a presentation on Matter .  This Science Program is put on by High Tough High Tech of New England.  It is a hands on 90 minute program taught by professional educators and scientists.  It is alligned with our curriculumn on Matter and the students will explore all different types of matter.  They will discover bubbling potions and watch air take up space and solids turn into gases!!  I can hardly wait myself!  Again this program is sponsored by the PTO and we thank them !

    I am including the Homework schedule that was handed out in September at Open House.  It has been the same schedule and will continue to be the same until June.

   Monday:           Spelling 2X ’s Each     
   Tuesday:              Spelling ABC Order
   Wednesday :    Math Worksheet
             Study for Vocab Test
  Thursday:         Study for Spelling and Dictation

    Obviously sometimes some extra work will come home because it was not completed in class when given appropriate time.  As always if you have any questions regarding anything please feel free to call me here at school.        


Martina Soares         March 24

Important Dates

March 3-7         Reading is Fun Week    

March 9            Daylight Savings Time  ( there is hope ;) )


March 17        St. Patrick’s Day

March 19        PTO Meeting

March 20       FIRST DAY OF SPRING !!  ( more hope )