Staff Directory
Staff Directory
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Nancy Gagliardi - Principal

Heather Adams - Adm. Secretary

Michelle Halpin - Pre-Kindergarten

Sarah Mooney - Kindergarten

Jennifer Wentworth - Kindergarten

Jennifer Boudreau - Kindergarten

Sharon Ahern -  Grade One

Jessica Trudeau - Grade One

Maryellen Lane - Grade One

Karen Medeiros - Grade Two

Nancy Jodat - Grade Two

Joann Rondeau - Grade Two

Tiffany Lacroix - Grade Three

Melissa Thurber - Grade Three

Jeanne McCormick - Grade Three

Rachel Germain - Grade Four

Suzanne Ward-Smith - Grade Four

Jennifer Schwab - Grade Four

Tyla Martin - Grade Five

Courtney Sansoucy - Grade Five

Janice Weissinger - Grade Five

Joanna Rioux Reading Specialist

Lynn Owens - Reading Recovery/Differentiated Teacher

Barbara Manickas - Differentiated Teacher

Caroline Haley - ESL Teacher

Audrey Lamar - Library Media Specialist

Paul Anderson - Instrumental Music

Karen Roderick - Music

Megan Walsh - Visual Arts 

Earl Queenan - Physical Education

Laurie Soares, RN, BSN - School Nurse

Cheryl King, Admin to Nurse & Office

Holly Flanagan- Out of District Coordinator

Karen Hurley - School Psychologist

Tara Haggerty - School Adjustment Counselor

Becky Abrams - Special Needs Resource

Josh Benevides - Special Needs Resource

Lisa Blackbird - Special Needs Resource

Sylvia Smith - Special Needs Resource

Jill Waldman - Special Needs Resource

Ellen Corvi - Speech and Language

Gayle Faber - Speech and Language

Gina Alexander - Occupational Therapist

Kathy-Ann Keough - Teacher Technology




Elaine Choate - Instructional Aide

Eleanor Hendricks - Instructional Aide

Lynn Jones - Instructional Aide

Tammy Pope - Instructional Aide

Linda Propatier - Instructional Aide

Debra Foisy - Instructional Aide

Kathy Pray - Instructional Aide

Diane Pereira - Instructional Aide

Cathlene George - Instructional Aide

Bea Hartling - Instructional Aide

Tina Boudreau - Supervisory Aide

Carol Faulkner - Supervisory Aide

Ana Costa - Supervisory Aide

Mary Conroy - Supervisory Aide

Mechelle Tucker - Supervisory Aide 

Dave Travers - Head Custodian

Ted Nicolopoulos - Night Custodian