Mrs. Ward-Smith
What is a Differentiation?
"Providing students with different tasks that lead to real learning for each child."
Differentiation Letter for Parents
August, 2018
Dear Parents,
      I am anticipating the start of the school year and am excited to be able to continue working as a Differentiation Teacher at Aitken Elementary.  I worked in this position last year and it was a wonderful opportunity and a positive learning experience for me. 
      I will be working with students at all elementary grade levels and will be collaborating with teachers to come up with a schedule that accommodates the needs in each classroom.  Once established, I will begin working in small groups and within the classroom.  I will work with students through the regular curriculum, but will differentiate their activities and assignments based on differences in student ability, interest, or style.
     If you have any questions about my position or need to contact me further, please feel free to email me at my school address or call Aitken at # 508-336-5230.  Thank you.                                                          
                                                                 Mrs. Ward-Smith