Mrs. J. Glum

Welcome to Art with Mrs. Glum


                 "Art Takes Courage." -Henri Matisse


Hello!  Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jackie Glum, and I am the art educator here at Aitken school. This is my second year teaching in Seekonk, and I couldn’t be more excited to be here! I studied art education and music at SUNY New Paltz, then received my Masters in art psychotherapy.  Before teaching in Seekonk, I was practicing as a licensed art psychotherapist in Brooklyn New York, with children and adolescents for 10 years. Although art therapy and art education are quite different from each other, the commonality of art as expression is something they both share. I teach art as a visual language that our students can use to communicate ideas, express thoughts and emotions, and create and project their own voice and vision.


The art curriculum at Aitken is based on the Massachusetts Art Standards.

Standard One:  Methods, Materials, and Techniques

Students will demonstrate the knowledge of the methods, materials, and techniques unique to the visual arts

Standard Two: Elements and Principles of Design

Students will demonstrate knowledge of the elements and principles of design

Standard Three: Observation, Abstraction, Invention, and Expression

Students will demonstrate their powers of observation, abstraction, invention, and expression in a variety of materials, media and techniques

Standard Four: Drafting, Revising, and Exhibiting

Students will demonstrate their knowledge of the process of creating and exhibiting their own artwork, drafts, critique, and self-assessment, refinement, and exhibit preparation.


Each grade level also has art history, cross curriculum learning opportunities such as math, social studies, science, and literacy infused in the lessons, STEAM opportunities, lessons enriched with both learning the techniques and skills necessary to use our visual language as well as choice, which allows our young artists the opportunity to experience the power and joy of their own thoughts and ideas come to life through art making.


I look forward to working with the artists of Aitken! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email.  If you would like to volunteer time, The month of May is a busy time during Creative Awareness Week, and any and all volunteers are appreciated. Thank you!

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