Mrs. J. Rioux

 Who am I?                            

If this were a test, could you answer that question?

I want to make sure you can - I’m Joanna Rioux, the Reading Specialist at Aitken.  On any given day, you would see me bustling back and forth between the Reading Office and various classrooms.


Who do I work with? -   Three to four days a week, I work in some classrooms with what are called flex-groups.  That just means that every 8 weeks or so, the classroom teachers and I take a look at how the students are doing and what support is needed for all.  With that information, we form small groups and 3 times a week the groups meet to strengthen skills/abilities.  I spend time with Grades 1, 2, 4, and 5 at various points through the year.  So, that’s the long answer for:  I work with a large number of students in their classrooms over the course of a given year.


When do I work in classrooms? - Typically, since we are using my time to increase literacy learning, I am in the classes during independent reading or writing time.  Groups meet for a portion of that time so every student gets targeted instruction as well as time to read independently.  This increases instruction because it enables the classroom teacher and I to meet with students more often.


What do we do? - Small groups may be working on skills such as:

-how to figure out words when you get stuck such as with word parts, word families,

 what is happening in the story, etc

-reading fluency (phrasing and/or rate)

-reading comprehension

-grammar, proofreading, idea generating


Reading Recovery – Another part of my job is to conduct Reading Recovery lessons with Grade 1 students.  These are designed for students who need help getting their literacy skills primed so that they can be successful readers and writers.  If you’d like more information about Reading Recovery, there is a description on my page on the Aitken School Website.


Do I do anything else? – Yes!  At times I run small groups that meet in the Reading Office for targeted support.  This is for our more vulnerable students who need less distraction and perhaps more support than can be afforded in the class environment.  You would be the first to know if that is the case for your child.



*Please keep in mind that I can be a resource for you as well.


I am more than happy to offer suggestions if you are struggling with reading at home.  I’m only a phone call, email, or note away.  Lastly, I have a set of pages on the Aitken School website with information that you may find helpful.



My contact information is:

                           Email -

                                    Phone – 508-336-5230, ext 65129


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