Mrs. J. Rioux


     Let me introduce myself.  I am Joanna Rioux, the Reading Specialist here at Aitken School. I teach Reading Recovery in grade 1 as well as support literacy instruction within the first and second grade classes.  By my working within the classrooms, EVERY student's instruction increases! The classroom teachers and I work closely together so that we can make the very most of this opportunity.  For grades 3-5 I am a resource for teachers and parents who seek methods and materials to assist students with literacy progress. 

     Should you have questions about my role or concerns that you want to discuss, you can contact me at Aitken School by email at , by phone (508-336-5230), or notes sent to either a classroom teacher or the office.  All of which I make every effort to respond to within the same day. 

      In case you aren't familiar with Reading Recovery, I've given a brief explanation below.  There is more detailed information on the page attached.  Simply click on the tab in the top left box on this page.
     Reading Recovery - This program is a first grade early intervention for students who need help with literacy development.  At the beginning of the school year, first graders are screened so that teachers know exactly where each child's strengths and needs lie.  With that information, we are able to make recommendations for students who are eligible for Reading Recovery.  This intervention is short-term, lasting 12-20 weeks, and is intended to enable students to be reading and writing on par with their peers once the lesson series discontinues.  It is highly effective and many students here at Aitken School have reaped the rewards of being participants.
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