Reading With Your Child

     Children love to read with an adult - especially a parent or close relative!

In addition to reading a book together, talk about the story or information.  Have conversations which fit the particular book you are reading, or think of your own way to enhance the book.  You might want to try the suggestions in the chart for before, during, or after reading the story. 

Conversations About Books

Reading Strategies

By looking at the cover, what do you think this story might be about?


Tell me what has happened so far in this book.

Summarizing, Comprehending

What do you think will happen next?

Predicting Outcomes

Stop before the ending and predict the ending.

Predicting or Forecasting Outcomes

Is this story Reality or Fantasy? How can you tell?

Drawing Conclusions

Draw or tell about your favorite character.

Identifying Character Traits

What is the setting for this story?

Identifying Story Elements

What were three things that happened in this story?

Retelling, Comprehending, Summarizing

Is there a special lesson to learn in this book? If so, what is it? Share what you learned.

Critical Thinking, Evaluating

Write your own story with your own characters, setting and ending using the same plot.

Identifying the Main Idea

Most importantly - Enjoy reading with your child!