Mrs. Lamar

"Books are the quietest and most constant of friends: they are the most accessible and wisest of counselors, and the most patient of teachers."

Charles W. Eliot (1834-1926)
American Academic and Former President of Harvard University

Welcome to the Mildred H. Aitken School Library!

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During our weekly visits, we learn about the library, great books to read, web tools for learning, how to access and use information, research and note-taking, and so much more!

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Mrs. Thurber

Mrs. McCormick Mrs. Halpin
(morning pre-k)
Mrs. Lacroix
Mrs. Mooney
Mrs. Jodat (library lesson) Mrs. Boudreau
Mrs. Boudreau
(Book Check-Out)
Mrs. Wentworth
(Book Check-Out)

Mrs. Cetenich
Mrs. Schwab
Mrs. Germain
Mrs. McNally
Mrs. Rondeau
Mrs. Jodat (Book Check-Out) Mrs. Martin Mrs. Medeiros
(Book Check-Out)
Ms. Sansoucy
Mrs. Wentworth (Storytime)

Mrs. Halpin
(afternoon pre-k)

Mrs. Rondeau
(Book Check-Out)
Mrs. Medeiros
Ms. Lane

Mrs. Trudeau
(Book Check-Out)
Ms. Lane
(Book Check-Out)
Mrs. Mooney
(Book Check-Out)

Mrs. Trudeau Mrs. Owens Mrs. Ahern Mrs. Owens (Book Check-Out)  Mrs. Ahern (Book Check -Out)

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    1st Grade

BreakOut EDU: The Lost Ladybug

Jet's Planet Pinball

Drag and Drop Words
Sentence Stretching
Mother's Day Poem

Coding: Bee Sequence
Coding: Artist
Coding: Shapes
Coding: Spelling Bee
​Coding: Maze sequence
Coding: Debugging
Coding: Bee Sequence
Coding: Maze Loops
Keyboard Practice
Make a Snowflake
Word Hearts
Valentine Games
100th day of school ebook
Arrange 100 snowballs
Edit a Sentence
Seasons of the Year
Copy and Paste Living and Non-living Things
Paintbrush tool
Sort It!
Starfall Sorting
All About My School
 Copy and Paste Ladybug Math
Drag and Drop Living/Non-Living things
Acrostic Poems
Valentine Typing
Valentine Story
Martin Luther King Activity
I Spy
Halloween Game
Enrichment Activities
Copy and Paste: Animals
Blending Bowl
Word Blender Game
Letter Planet

2nd Grade

Storyline Online
Chimpanzee Research
Butterfly Research
Tiger Research
Panda Research
Shark Research
 Valentine Heart

Insect Research
BrainPop Internet Safety
Gumball Coding
Story Factory (If I Were President)
Rolling Ghosts
Honeybee Internet Research

Aesop's Fables
Coding: Disney Infinity
Cut and Paste Practice
"I Have a Dream" activity
Dictionary Game
Dino Hunter Guide Words
Valentine Word Drop Game
Blue Whale Research
Kitten Hop
Popcorn Game
Jigsaw Game

Matching Money Game
Into the Book

3rd Grade

BreakOutEDU Field Day Fun
BreakOutEDU Winter Sports
BreakOutEDU Winter is Snow Fun
Reader Personality Quiz
Code Your Own Sports Game

Holiday Poem Generator
Hour of Code: Moana
Code Monkey

Trails Assessment McCormick
Trails Assessment Lacroix
Finish A Story
My Vacation (Microsoft Word)
Internet Research - Money
Coding: Play Lab Create a Story
Coding: Create a Game
Coding: Artist Patterns
Hour of Code: Minecraft
Flip Book
Coding: Flappy
Coding: Lightbot
"I Have a Dream" Poem
Identify Main Idea
Main Idea Game
Coding: Artist
Coding: Farmer
Tynker: Code Monsters
My Money Valentine
Map Match Game
Starfall Greek Myths
Grimm Folk and Fairytales
Greek Myth Games and Activities
Greek Myths and Legends
Coding: Maze Conditionals
Story Starter
All About Me Gazette
Roller Coaster Builder
Pixar: The Art of Storytelling

4th Grade

Figurative Language Game
Pixar: Animation
Newspaper Front page

Adobe Spark (Book Trailers)
Coding with Gumball
Dragon Dash Coding
Book Cover Creator 
Digital Passport
My Vacation (Microsoft Word)
Coding: Artist
Coding: Maze Conditionals
Coding: Farmer
Hour of Code: Minecraft
Cows Context Clues
Words in Context
Context Clues Quia
Rags to Riches Context Clues
Context Clues Quizzes
Coding: Lightbot
MLK timeline
How to Make a Maze in Word
Copyright Quiz
If I Were President
Tynker: Code Monsters
Comic Creator
Bio Cube Creator
Roller Coaster Builder
Pixar: Introduction to Patterns

Breakout EDU Dewey Decimal System
BreakOutEDU Help Spidey Save His Halloween
BreakOutEDU TurkeyTrot
Lego Coding
Adobe Spark Book Trailers
Animate your name with Scratch
Digital Passport
​Timeline Project
Party for 5 Spreadsheet (Excel)
Shelving Game
Article: Tablets vs. Textbooks
Article: School Lunches
Article: Healthier School Lunch Menus
Article: Digital Footprints
Thanksgiving Web Quest
Coding: Maze
Coding: Artist
How to Make a Maze in Word
If I Were President
Earth Picker Game
Coding: Maze Conditionals
Coding: Lightbot
Scratch: Animate your Name

Library Rules PowerPoint Presentation (Grades 1 & 2)
Library Rules Whiteboard Activity (Grades 1 & 2)
Library Rules Prezi (Grades 3-5)
Library Rules Jeopardy  (Grades 4 & 5)
Website Evaluation (Grade 5)
Burmese Mountain Dog
Dog Island
All About Explorers
Library Behavior Video