A Day in First Grade

Our days are jam packed in first grade and it is extremely important that your child be in school every day unless he or she is sick.  Please try not to schedule appointments or vacations during school time.

The first bell rings at 8:45 and students unpack their backpack, order lunch, and begin their Wake Up Work when they arrive.  The second bell rings at 9:00 and attendance is taken.  After announcements and the Pledge of Allegiance, students move to daily centers when their Wake Up Work is completed.  We begin our day with Morning Meeting around 9:15.  We have math each day from 9:20-10:20.  After math, we have a brief drink and bathroom break.  Reader's Workshop begins around 10:25 in our classroom.  The students will participate in a 10-15 minute focus lesson, followed by independent self-selected reading time with books from their books boxes.  During this time, I will conduct reading conferences or lead small strategy groups.  Around 11:15, we begin cleaning up and getting ready for lunch.  Everyone washes his/her hands and uses the bathroom if needed.

The students have lunch and a brief recess from 11:20 to 11:50.  When they return to the classroom, we begin Writer's Workshop.  Recess is from 1:02-1:26 and we have word study when the students return.  Our special classes are from 1:55-3:00 most days.  The final bell rings at 3:05 and students are dismissed.