Classroom Supply List
First grade families are being asked to supply the following items for the 2018-19 school year.  These items should be sent into class during the first few weeks of school, if possible.  We understand that some families, especially those with multiple children in school, are unable to afford all of the items on the list below.  Whatever you are able to contribute will be appreciated.

•1 set of "kid" headphones (Please have your child try them on and make sure they are comfortable.  We have found that earbuds and adult headphones are often uncomfortable, and your child will be using them a lot.  Comfort is very important, and your help with this is appreciated.)  Please label them with your child's name and place in a clear, zipper bag for easy storage and access in the classroom.

•1 pocket folder (This will be used as a "Take Home" folder.  They tend to wear out every few months, so you might want to pick up a few while they are on sale during the summer.)

•1 package of Crayola Twistables crayons* (*We only use Twistables because they don't break, and they last all year.  I have quite a few left from last year, so feel free to skip crayons if you're on a tight budget.)

•1 package of Crayola Twistables colored pencils**  (**The colored pencils and crayons look the same, but they are very different in kids' minds.  I have some leftover crayons from last year, but I am completely out of the colored pencils.  If you can only contribute one package, please try to send in the colored pencils.  Thank you!)

•1 package of plain, yellow, #2 pencils (Decorated pencils gum up our pencil sharpener, so we only use plain yellow ones.)

•2-3 packages of glue sticks (Lots and lot of glue sticks are needed!)

•2 black Sharpies (regular tip)

You will also need to supply your child with a backpack to transport items to and from school.  Please avoid backpacks with wheels.  They do not fit into our cubbies. 

Below is a list of some items which we will need periodically throughout the year.  Storage space in the classroom is an issue, so it would be helpful if families would send in the items listed below on a staggered basis.  If you'd like to pick up anything on the list below, please feel free to send it in at anytime during the year.  If I run particularly low on something, I'll post it on this website and send home a notice with the children.

Other Supplies Needed

•facial tissues (These are needed throughout the year.)
•wipes (Baby wipes, Purell wipes, and Clorox wipes are all great, so whatever you wish to send in is fine.)
•ziploc bags (all sizes)
•sticky notes (all sizes)
•note cards (all sizes)
•fun, decorative stickers (Any theme or type would be welcome.  Kids love stickers!)

We share all classroom supplies, so there is no need to label anything other than your child's backpack, head phones, Take Home folder, and lunch box, if he/she uses one.  Please do not send in pencil boxes, markers, or other supplies.  We only need the ones listed above.  Thank you!