Our Daily Schedule
Parents often wonder and ask questions about our daily schedule in first grade.  We pack a lot into each day which is why attendance is so important.  Please do your best to avoid scheduling appointments during the school day.  As you can see from the description below, we are busy from the first bell until the last bell.

The first bell rings at 8:45.  From 8:45 to 9:00 students arrive, unpack, and begin centers.  (Each morning the children are free to choose from a rotating variety of science, social studies, and literacy centers.)  At 9:00 we take attendance.  Children who are not in the classroom by 9:00 are marked absent.  We recite the Pledge of Allegiance and conduct our Morning Meeting around 9:05.  From about 9:05 to 10:15 we immerse ourselves in math.  At around 10:15 we take a brief drink break.  From about 10:20 to 11:20 we have Readers' Workshop.  Each day the teacher reads aloud and models essential comprehension skills.  Then students engage in self-selected reading and practice comprehension skills while the teacher conferences with individuals and small groups.  Readers' Workshop ends with sharing time after which everyone washes his/her hands and gets ready for lunch. 

We have lunch and a brief recess from 11:20-11:50.  After lunch we begin Writers' Workshop.  Each session includes a brief, focus lesson followed by about 30-40 minutes of writing time.  We conclude each day's workshop with sharing time.  We have "long" recess (1:02-1:26) followed by Word Study and other literacy, science, or social studies related activities.  (Once a week we have Second Step.)  Our special classes are held towards the end of each day.  When our special classes end, we head back to our classroom to clean up, do our classroom "jobs", collect our "mail",  and prepare for dismissal.  The final bell rings at 3:05.