Summer Reading & Learning
 Mrs. Ahern's Top Five Summer Reading Suggestions

1.  Read everyday!  (This is the single most important thing you can do this summer.)  Children who do not read during the summer can lose up to three months worth of reading skills.

2.  Find reasons to reread the same books multiple times to increase fluency.  Read “like a ________”  (robot, parrot, radio announcer, or any other funny idea) to create motivation for multiple readings.

3.  Read one or two very easy books everyday.  (It’s like musicians practicing scales or athletes doing practice drills.)

4.  Visit the Aitken School web site and connect to some of the great, child-centered web sites on our “Student Web Sites” link.  The web sites of Starfall, PBS Kids, and Scholastic Books are especially good.

5.  Visit the Seekonk Library.  Sign your child up for his/ her own library card if he or she doesn’t already have one.  The Seekonk Library offers many great summer programs for kids and families.

Here are some great titles & authors for the summer between first & second grades:

Cynthia Rylant    
            Henry & Mudge series
            Poppleton series
            Mr. Putter and Tabby series

Edward & James Marshall (He’s really the same person!)
            Fox and his Friends series
            Three By the Sea
            Three Up a Tree
            Four on the Shore

Arnold Lobel
        Frog & Toad series
        Mouse Soup

David Adler
        Young Cam Jansen series
        Can Jansen series  
(Don’t confuse these.  The regular Cam Jansen series is much harder than Young Cam Jansen.)

Mary Pope Osborne
        Magic Tree House series  (Challenging!  Written at a late 2nd/early 3rd grade reading level)

Gail Gibbons
        Frogs, Deserts, Weather Words, Stargazers, and many, many others
        Gibbons is one of the best writers of nonfiction for the early grades.  She's written dozens of wonderful books.  If your child is curious about science, nature, history, etc., look for her books.

Mrs. Ahern's Top Three Summer Math Suggestions

1.  Practice counting money & telling time everyday.  Kids who don't practice these skills for the summer will forget the great skills they've mastered this year.

2.  Play math games like Tens Go Fish and Double Compare.  Play other games that use math skills.  This includes all card games, dice games, and Monopoly.  

3.  Keep playing Reflex Math.  It's free; it's fun; and it's individualized just for your child.  Give it a try, and have fun this summer!