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Classroom Update 
October 5th

Hello Families!
I hope all is well. Here is a recap of our week in room 20. 
In general, our class is having difficulty remembering to bring their Good Fit Book back and forth between school and home. It is very important for our classwork that your child is reading the same novel each day. In class, we've discussed ways to keep this from becoming a bigger problem. If you could also reinforce this as your child's own responsibility I would appreciate it!

We have switched our Class Kindness Jar to our Rock Star Jar. Our class will focus on students who are going above and beyond, academically and socially. Students are working towards individual goals, and when they show determination, responsibility, or excellence they will be recognized as a Rock Star. 
I am sending home the end of unit 1 assessment in the Weekly Work Folder. I am struggling with finding the best way to share with you student progress. You will see a blue rubric attached to the test. I appreciate any feedback you can give me regarding the rubric. This way, I can make sure you are receiving the information that is most important to you in a way that is easy to understand. I am willing to change future rubrics, so that it is easy and clear for you. 
We continue to work on Unit 2. Students began working with factors and multiples this week. If your child is not fluent with multiplication/division facts, I strongly encourage extra practice at home. Reflex is an online program that helps with this. It is accessible through our classroom webpage. 
I have had many families ask about ways to support math fluency at home. I am including directions for 3 very simple, very quick math games on the parent page. I would encourage you to try these at home. 2 of them can be done mentally, which make them perfect for car drives, waiting in lines, or passing time during commercials. These games are great for building number sense. I will have more games to come!
Students are developing ideas about characters. Each Friday, students write a letter to me about their reading. Over the past few weeks, I've supported the students in thinking a bit more deeply about what they are reading. This is a hard task! We will continue to practice expanding our thinking in response to reading.
Students have selected a thesis statement for opinion essays. This week they worked on completing a graphic organizer to help plan out and organize their ideas and supporting details . We will begin drafting next week. You will receive a copy of the draft after a few days of writing.
Students participated in a "Sugar Shake" experiment. Through this activity students explored how rocks can be broken down over time. Next week we will continue exploring other processes that change the earth.

Reminder: There is no school on Monday, October 8th.

Have a great long weekend!

Update on our Donors Choose Project! 

Our project has been fully funded!! Thank you to the families, teachers, friends, community members, and corporations who donated to make our project happen. We now have some fantastic new non-fiction books for our classroom library!

Donors Choose Project