Welcome to Mrs. Germain's Class

Classroom Update: December 1st 

The 4th grade December newsletter was sent home today in your child’s Weekly Work Folder and can be found on the parent page. Here is some additional information about what we've been up to.


We will finish Unit 3: Fractions and Decimals next week. There will be an assessment on Friday. Students are expected to compare and order fractions and decimals, model equivalent fractions, read and write decimal numbers, and convert centimeters to millimeters. Students can review for the test by using the Everyday Math website at home. Their username and login information is in their homework folder.


We finished our character unit with a week of “close reading” exercises. Students read The Sweetest Fig, analyzed it for details, and wrote a written response, which included text evidence. They are working towards creating some sophisticated thinking! This week we began elements of fiction. We focused on analyzing the setting and its impact on the characters. We will expand on this idea next week when we compare and contrast settings.


We spent the week looking at small moment narratives, and determining the differences between narratives and opinion pieces. The class also brainstormed many possible ideas for their own small moment narratives.  Next week, the kiddos will begin drafting their stories. I will emphasize how to incorporate the elements of fiction we are discussing in reading workshop into their stories. I will focus on dialogue, character development, and rich language and descriptions.

 Social Studies

It was so awesome to hear about your heritage! The students were excited to share their stories about their ancestors, which made our launch of the immigration unit very exciting! This week we took a look at the immigration experience of the American Indians, Latinos, and European Americans. Next week we will read about the African and Asian Americans. We will also explore some very cool interactive maps to determine how immigration in the United States has changed over time.