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Classroom Update
November 30th 

Hello Families!

I hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's hard to believe Christmas is soon approaching!  

  • 🎄The PTO is sponsoring our annual Holiday Shop on December 13th and 14th. Our class will be going to the shop on the 14th. More information will be sent home soon.  
  • Grades closed this week, and report cards will be sent home Friday, December 7th.
  • Unfortunately, there has been some talk about "clubs" in 4th grade. All students have been told that we do not have clubs at school, as it can cause many social issues. Please remind your child of this, and explain the importance of including all students out at recess.

Here is what we’ve been busy working on!

🔢 In math, students will be given the Unit 3 assessment this week. We will have a review day before. Students will also take an open-response assessment. Students will be expected to solve a math problem and explain their thinking with models and words. We have been working on developing our written responses in math. Continue to practice fraction equivalence and ordering with your child, and math facts. You may use the strategies I offered in the previous letter. If you need more ways to support your child at home, please let me know! Our next unit will focus on multi-digit multiplication. It is important that your child has a good understanding of basic facts, in order to be able to solve multi-digit problems.  

📝We have begun the informational genre in both reading and writing. Students are reading non-fiction books about natural disasters of their choosing. Students are using the skills they are working on in reading (context clues, text features, and vocabulary strategies) in their research for writing. Next week in reading, students will identify 5 types of text structures, and consider how the structure influences the main idea. By the end of the writing unit students will have written a non-fiction "book" which includes all the elements of non-fiction. Most students are still reading fiction books for homework. If your child is finding it difficult to switch between non-fiction and fiction, they are encouraged to read non-fiction books at home too.

📚This week in your child's Weekly Work folder, I sent home a recent copy of the Accelerated Reader report. Please review this with your child. It is a great conversation starter about your child as a reader. What kinds of books do they usually read? Are the books they are choosing Good-Fit books? What goals does your child have? What can he/she do to work towards the goal?  If you would like support helping your child select appropriately challenging books, please let me know. 

🌎During social studies, students have learned about various ethnic groups that have immigrated to the United States, the reasons for leaving their homelands, and their contributions to the American culture. Next week they will act as archaeologists by looking through artifacts and making hypotheses based on the clues. This should be a fun, hands-on activity!

🙋Our class is working with Mrs. Ahern's first grade class this year as part of a Big Buddy/ Little Buddy Project. I am quite proud of these kiddos. They have taken the responsibility seriously and are becoming good role models for the little ones! 

As always, please contact me for any questions or concerns. 

Accelerated Reader Word Count

As of November 30th our class has read an INCREDIBLE amount of words.

Total Words Read: 8,598,126

Congratulations to these students who have each read over 1 million words!