Welcome to Mrs. Germain's Class


 Classroom Update: February 12th

Hello everyone! 

I just wanted to give you a brief update about what's happening in our class.
We will complete Unit 5 on Wednesday. We have focused on 6 standards this unit. I will be assessing students on these standards on Friday. We will have a review day on Thursday, but it would be helpful if your child practices these skills at home too. I sent home a study guide today. Students can use EDM online, corrected math pages, and IXL to prepare for the test. 
We continue to read informational texts. Over the past week, we have identified text structures commonly found in non-fiction, and we looked at how the structure of the text helps us to determine the main idea. We then used the structure of the text to pull out key information and organize the info into a graphic organizer.  The kiddos are doing a nice job with this!
We are working on open-response writing. Before we move into the literary essay unit, I teach a mini-unit on open-responses. Students respond to a short text using evidence to support their ideas. This past week we worked on a "cut and grow" exercise, that helped students to elaborate their ideas in their responses. The responses are developing nicely, and it's time to raise the bar!
Social Studies
Now that students have gained strategies for reading non-fiction texts, we are putting them to good use in our study of the Northeast. As we study this region, students are expected to locate main idea and key details in the text, using graphic features, and try out vocabulary strategies. Students will be given a test at the end of this unit. Part of this test will be a map test, in which students must locate the states and match the capitals. Students should begin practicing this now. 
Classroom Community
We've started to take some time at the end of the week to celebrate the successes of our class. Part of this routine is our Class Kindness Jar. Students acknowledge others that have shown kindness in some way. Please discuss the idea of kindness and what that means/looks like in a classroom with your child at home. Having these types of conversations promotes the behaviors in the classroom too! 
Valentine's Cards
If your child chooses to do so, we will exchange cards on Wednesday. Students must bring in a card for everyone, not just a few students. Also, please make sure not to bring in candy with the cards. 

Boys Night Out and Sweetheart Dance
permission slips are being taken now. If you plan on attending, please send yours in. 

School supplies: 
Many students' supplies need to be replenished. Over the break would be a good time to make sure your child has what he/she needs. We really need dry-erase markers, pencils, and erasers. 

Class Word Count: 10,777,858 
Our class has read an incredible amount of words on Accelerated Reader! Keep it up!

School Committee Meeting - If it is possible for you to attend the School Committee Meeting tonight at 7pm, I strongly encourage you to do so. There will be continued discussion of the restructuring of our schools. It's important to have parent input and feedback.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.