Useful Links

Everyday Math
This website directly correlates with the math lesson taught that day. You may access the Student Reference Book online, play math games, and get homework help.

IXL Math
Use this math program to get extra practice with 4th grade math skills or try out some 5th grade skills too!

Classroom Library

Look for books available in our classroom and check them out using our catalog.

Accelerated Reader
You may take AR quizzes and look up progress and points. This website is only accessible at Aitken School or the Seekonk Public Library.

AR Book Find
Do you want to know if the book you're reading is AR? Wonder what level it is or how many points it is? You can look it up before you start reading using this website.

Scholastic Book Clubs 
Order books online using our classroom code KC6CH. Orders are placed every month and our shipped directly to our school.

Social Studies Websites

Interactive Tour of Ellis Island
Use this Scholastic website to complete the Ellis Island WebQuest.

Immigration Explorer 
Use this website to see where various ethnic populations have settled in the U.S. over time.
Contributions of Immigrants
Read to find out some of the contributions these ethnic groups have made to American culture.

Contributions of Immigrants to Architectural Style
Learn how other cultures have impacted the architecture of the United States.

Massachusetts Ethnic Mosaic‚Äč
Use this interactive map of Massachusetts to see where different ethnic groups have settled in Massachusetts.