Ms. Walsh

Rules in the Art Room

Show Ms. Walsh that you are ready to begin by entering the classroom calmly and silently. Show your best impression of the painting of the Mona Lisa. Come prepared to learn and work! Positive attitudes only!!

2.Stay in your seat

3. Raise a silent hand if you need something. Remember there’s lots of students but only one of Ms.Walsh. Be patient, I promise I will do my best to answer your questions or help when I can!

4.Respect your classmates, respect Ms. Walsh. 

5.Properly use tools and materials. 

6. Mistakes happen! please be fearless and brave in art class. If you make a mistake don't get upset, keep going! 

7.Clean up after yourselves

Students have the chance to earn raffle tickets or slips to bring home from Ms. Walsh for excellent behavior and participation in Art class. Do your best, make good choices and you could win some amazing prizes from our school wide raffle!